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.... cold

I have a cold. can nobodies even get colds? well, obvioiusly since I have one. I demand soup and a warm blankie. and a stroy. damnit.


I will admit it.. I took Lexaeus puzzel. Because I felt.. I wasn;t getting enough attention. he was always playing with the puzzel and not with me. but now we've agreed to make puzzles togther.. *snuggles lex*

as for the other items, such as Roxas' Icecream or the Sitar, I still deny involvment<input ... ></input><input ... >


Bah..  I have.. no idea what to write here anymore. Nothing.. entertaining happens in my life. I work, i come home, I cuddle Lexaeus and eat verious strawberry-themed foods..

altho I have heard some members things have started to go..missing. I am a bit.. amused by this. We'll see where it goes.

ah yes. and my lexicon fell. apart. I must get superglue before the mission to.. Another Anime Convention. whatever the hell that is....

New Year

I'm not sure how many of you know this: but I am pagan. as many Mage types are. the 31st marks newyears on my clanader, and I am pleased that I get to celebrate with a mission -__- altho Xigbar is coming, so it should at least be.. entertaining.

As the mission starts in a few minutes when the.. flamer arrives, I cant say I'll be on here much to check journals. I'll fall behind on the latest gossip, how sad. *sarcasm*

In any case, I'd like to wish you all a happy new year. May this one be far better then the last.

(oh, and i think my heartless is loose, if any of you turn up with stab wounds, inform me.)


Hang loose, hang ten, howzit, shake a shaka
No worry, no fear, ain't no biggie braddah
Cuttin' in, cuttin' up, cuttin' back, cuttin' out
Frontside, backside, goofy footed, wipe out

Let's get jumpin', surf's up and pumpin'
Coastin' with the motion of the ocean
Whirlpools swirling, cascading, twirling
Hawaiian roller coaster ride

that is all


I apparently get to wear a nurse uniform as well on halloween weekend. I blame Braig. wholly. Because he went on the mission today to the mall with Axel, Demyx and Superor, and now I'm wearing a nurses outfit. .... maybe i should blame Axel then. yes. It is axels fault. I like that idea.

Other then that.. there is not much to say. I never have much eventful happen to me, as i TRY to keep to myself and all.

Oh, I discovered a new soda. Its strawberry flavored. I want more. *nods* Also, I found something better then seasalt icecream": strawberry shortcake icecream bars.

enough about strawberries.
I never know what to write here...

Only a week left until our Basement halloween party. Vexen and I are making.. science food.. mwuahaha isn;t my outfit adorable?

I don;t have video cameras in every room. Truly, I don;t... >>


I hate mornings. Especially since I can't seem to sleep at night. I toss and turn, ending up with ony two hours of damned sleep. then I have to get up for this new mission assignment: Haveing a job. I swear, its revenge because I was the youngest and didn't HAVE a part0time job back then. Fucking Xemnas. I just want to roll over and go back to bed, but nooooo I have  to be up at 8-am to be to work at 9-30. asshat.

I may write more when I RTC, but who knows, I may just return and pass out in Lexaeus' lap while he does puzzles.

By the way Lex: be ready with hot cocoa and blankies when I return.


This.. insisting we keep these Journals is foolish. I have.. no idea what the superior hopes to accomplish.

Anyway. if you want to hear about my day then fine. I sat around reading, and trying to keep warm. That annoying Scientist keeps the heat off down here, and keeps.. emitting cold. Its terrible, and I hate it. Why does he need it so cold anyways? Axel doesn't keep the above ground sweltering! Bah..

Thats all I can think of for now... I suppose I'll post another time

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